• Campus

    Experience the beauty of our 35-acre campus with 370 seat Theater, MIT Fab Lab, 1000 seat Gymnasium, Science Labs, Soccer Fields and more.

  • Students

    TGS is a place where pursuing individual passions is encouraged and a love of learning is fostered. This is not a one-size-fits-all school.

  • Excellence

    We accomplish our mission through a well-planned network of opportunities for success for our students, led by passionate and caring teachers and mentors. 

  • Education

    There’s just so much more you can do in a class of 15 students — the The Gregory School average — than in a class with 30 or more. 

  • Technology

    At The Gregory School, technology is integrated into virtually all experiences inside and outside of the classroom, preparing students for a high-tech future.

  • Teachers

    When talented, caring faculty mix with small class sizes, educational excellence results. Teachers and students form a connection that is unique to a small-school environment.

The Gregory School Difference

Our class sizes average under 15, and our teachers have average student "loads" of fewer than 60.

Our teacher-to-student ratio is 1:9. This results in more personal attention, more mentoring, and more feedback on student work. Students also benefit from more opportunities for classroom participation, more leadership opportunities, and greater comfort and security in class. You cannot get lost in a place like The Gregory School.

3231 N. Craycroft Road, Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: (520) 327-6395
Fax: (520) 327-8276
The Gregory School is an independent, private,
non-profit 501(C)(3), coed day school for grades 5-12.