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The TGS college counseling philosophy combines encouraging students to “enjoy the journey” of high school and to use the tools we provide to “explore and navigate the future.” We hope that upper schoolers will immerse themselves in the opportunities that TGS provides—to learn, grow, and be engaged students. We believe that those who take advantage of what we offer will learn who they are, and understand what they can become; in turn, they will be curious about their future plans and confident about the decisions they make.

TGS College Counseling Programming starts with intention in eighth grade and continues throughout high school with Friday Explorations, evening events, college admissions visits, and a welcome to any student, of any grade, to participate in post-high school conversations.

Our in-depth college counseling curriculum includes semester-long seminar classes for juniors and seniors. That time and focus assures each student that they can expect individually-tailored counseling that helps them be the best possible candidate for the right college, university, or alternative program path that fits their personal and educational interests and goals.

My goal is to create a partnership with each student and family, listen to understand their unique stories and needs, and help forge a plan in that direction. Every post-high school path is celebrated, as it is the “right fit” for that unique student. In the end, we all want our students to have happy, productive, and meaningful adult lives. I am honored to be a part of your journey.

Carey Eskesen, M.A.
Director of College Counseling

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Our students find their voice and their passions at The Gregory School, and we prepare them to face the challenges of life beyond our campus. Nearly all of our students go directly to college after graduation and our graduating classes secure millions of dollars in scholarships each year. Gregory School students attend colleges that meet their passions and aspirations, from the Ivy League to large state universities; from small liberal arts colleges to top technology, visual arts and performing arts schools. Some students and their families choose specially selected gap year programs. Our individualized college counseling program helps our students find the school or program that is the right fit for them.

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The college counselor’s door is always open, and support is available to every student and every family through graduation and the years following matriculation. As a service to our community, we are happy to offer these links publicly. Our college counseling program offers personal guidance to our students and families through our college counseling seminar courses, evening workshops, and Exploration Fridays.

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