Academics Overview

The Gregory School’s mission encompasses character, scholarship, leadership, and innovation, and thus demands a varied and comprehensive program. While each piece of the Gregory School program is tied to at least one and often several of these four pillars, academics are the heart of our appropriately challenging and rigorous college-preparatory program.

Each of seven departments (English, social sciences, mathematics, science, languages, arts, and physical education) has designed a curriculum sequence for grades five through twelve, with a goal of maximizing the potential of every student and preparing every student for academic and personal success in the future. Toward that same end, leadership curriculum is integrated into The Gregory School program, with a goal of creating robust experiences for students in every grade.
Classes in grades six through twelve are scheduled in blocks, in which each class meets every other day for a significant period of time, allowing for deeper learning and meaningful time for projects. Upper and Middle School schedules are identical so that capable Middle School students may take appropriate Upper School courses, thus individualizing their schedules based on both interest and aptitude.

The Gregory School recognizes that a student’s ability to succeed in school is directly tied to the academic support provided, and so provides support in a variety of ways. The small class sizes and availability of teachers is one such support. Teachers make themselves available to help students before and after school, during free blocks, and during lunch periods. The tutorial program is another key feature of this support system, in which individualized instruction and academic help is available to students during the school day multiple times each week. Yet another support available to students is the Advisory program, in which small groups of students across multiple grades meet with faculty advisors to develop rapport and relationships, work on academic and planning challenges, and give each other encouragement.

Fifth Grade
At The Gregory School we believe in educating the whole child. The values of character, leadership, and innovation, along with scholarship, are an important aspect of student development and are cultivated throughout the year. Curiosity, critical and creative thinking, and effective communication skills are developed throughout the disciplines during students’ time at The Gregory School. Student interests and passions are integrated into the implementation of fifth grade curriculum to help foster engagement and excitement about learning.

Middle School
Middle school is one of the most important periods in a young person's life. The Middle School consists of grades five, six, seven, and eight and offers a unique and exciting program that values academic achievement, cooperation, and good citizenship. Our academic program challenges students to become significantly more knowledgeable, skillful, organized, and articulate. One key component of the Middle School program that cultivates these strengths and sets our students up for success in the future is the sixth grade Skills class that teaches and reinforces organization and research skills.

Upper School
As students move into high school, they are given more flexibility to customize their own schedule to their interests and aptitudes. Upper School graduation requirements exist in each of the seven departments, and a majority of the classes are taught at the honors level or are Advanced Placement courses. Integral to the Upper School experience is the extensive college counseling program that assists students and their families beginning in the freshman year, though the formal process of college counseling occurs during the junior and senior years.


We accomplish our mission through a well-planned network of opportunities for success for our students, led by passionate and caring teachers and mentors. Our teachers inspire students, connecting with them inside and outside of the classroom walls as educators, advisors and coaches. Our teachers bring a wealth of global experience, encouraging students to always be their best.

Class size

When talented, caring faculty mix with small class sizes, educational excellence results. So much more can be accomplished in a class of 14 students – the average at The Gregory School – than in a larger classes.

Student support

Our students are at the center of everything we do. The Gregory School recognizes that a student’s ability to succeed in school is directly tied to the academic support provided.

Academic Pledge

Academic integrity is an important part of being a scholar at The Gregory School; we are committed to the highest level of academic integrity among our faculty and students.

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