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Our Fine Arts Program strives to educate the whole child by encouraging rich, aesthetic inquiry into the arts.

We encourage students to
imagine, experiment, design, and produce.

Students at The Gregory School are given plentiful opportunities for fine arts exposure, performance, and demonstration, from music and dance performances, to visual arts installations and theater productions. Our arts facilities include art and photography studios, a multimedia lab and digital studio, a ceramics kiln, a dance studio, a three-tiered band room and more.

At the center of campus is a state-of-the-art performing arts center, which seats over 370 people. Productions and concerts in the center are enhanced by a computerized lighting and sound booth (which students have the opportunity to run), a spacious stage, an orchestra pit, full dressing rooms, and a lobby area for art shows and receptions. At every grade level, teachers within the fine arts program encourage students to imagine, experiment, design, and produce, inspiring creative growth and passion for the arts in all of our students.

Studio and Digital Arts

Students are encouraged to combine their curiosity and imagination with critical thinking and problem-solving skills to create lively, creative, colorful, and thought-provoking pieces of art. Beginning in Middle School, students are introduced to historical and contemporary art styles, and elements and principles of design. Students then develop their own drawing, painting, sculpture and design skills and techniques in the Upper School classes. Both Upper and Middle School students have access to digital design classes and equipment. Students’ artwork is on display throughout campus, in school publications, and at events, and many of our students also enter work into a variety of contests. Facilities include arts studios, a multimedia lab, a digital studio, and kilns.


Students who choose to take photography at The Gregory School learn about a variety of artists, the basic functions of shooting with various cameras, and the fundamentals of shooting and editing. They also take full advantage of our local art community by visiting galleries and museums. As students progress through the offered courses, they are given the freedom to work on projects and artistic works of their choice and to edit their work into specific portfolios in order to apply to exhibitions and competitions, which they are strongly encouraged to do.


Music offerings at The Gregory School develop students’ talents and interests in a variety of areas: Two bands, a strings ensemble, two guitar classes, and two choirs cultivate technical skills and nurture proper instrumental and/or vocal technique and music literacy proficiency for both Middle and Upper School Students. These ensembles perform throughout the year at school and community events, providing entertainment and displaying high levels of expression and musicianship. For our advanced music students, we offer AP Music Theory and Advanced Music Theory Composition classes. Students who play musical instruments may also have the opportunity to play in the “pit” for the all-school musical and in various ensembles created during Friday Explorations. Facilities include a three-tier band room and a 370-seat theater.

Theater Arts

All Gregory School students have opportunities to become involved in theater and to participate in performances and productions. Starting in Middle School, theater arts are integrated into the academic curriculum, and students learn the basics of the creative process and performance skills. As they move into the Upper School, those foundational skills are developed, and all students can audition to act, sing, and/or dance in every school production. Additionally, technical theater students design and create sets, costumes, sound and lighting and produce the shows backstage, including running the lighting and sound systems in the theater. All interested students then work together to produce several main-stage productions each year. Facilities include a 370-seat theater with professional sound and lighting equipment, orchestra pit, green room, lobby, and ticket booth.

Dance & Choreography

Dance at The Gregory School focuses on helping students to develop an appreciation of and skill in the use of the body as a means of communication and expression. Students receive instruction in dance technique, the choreographic process, and activities to increase movement skills (balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, strength and endurance). Intermediate and advanced students may also elect to take courses in choreography. Our dance classes meet and rehearse in a beautiful 1,000 sq foot dance studio with sprung flooring, barre, high ceilings, wall-to-wall mirror, and audio-visual equipment. Performances take place in our 370-seat theater with professional sound and lighting equipment, orchestra pit, green room, lobby, and ticket booth.