Academic Resources

The Gregory School offers a number of services and programs designed to support students’ academic and intellectual engagement and to help them take full advantage of the curriculum and available campus resources. 

The Gregory School Library

The Gregory School Library serves both the Middle and Upper School. Offering a comfortable and pleasant space suitable for study, reading, group meetings and classroom instruction, the library serves as a gathering place and is an important part of The Gregory School community.

The library's growing collection of resources, including online databases, multimedia items and carefully selected print materials, supports the mission and philosophy of The Gregory School. We subscribe to several valuable online databases to support the research needs of our students and faculty. Daily, weekly and monthly periodicals are available in the library, as well as print books that are selected to support the scholarship needs of our community while also promoting a lifelong love of reading and learning. Our library is a reader's paradise with over 14,000 print and digital holdings ranging from the latest popular young adult fiction to nonfiction texts to detailed, subject-specific online encyclopedias.

With an emphasis on information literacy and technology, the library also works to teach students an understanding of technology while developing necessary research skills to navigate the growing wealth of information resources today. Our librarians work hard, spending time teaching students not just how to search for information, but to think critically about their questions, methods and tools of inquiry.

Community Service

Giving back to one’s community through community service is an integral component of The Gregory School education. The goal is to introduce students to the rich possibilities of volunteering and to encourage them to make volunteering a normal and regular activity. Students are able to choose where and how they want to engage in community service. This program encourages self-direction and the development of personal interests, as well as instilling the value of service. One hundred percent of The Gregory School students participate in community service activities locally, regionally, and internationally.

Students may volunteer with a non-profit or for-profit organization, voter registration and political campaigns, a faith-based institution where your service does not include teaching or promoting one faith (examples: serving food, fundraising, volunteering at facility), community service projects organized and supervised by The Gregory School faculty and/or staff, and service-learning projects including training and preparation time. Students may also organize community service projects with approval from The Gregory School Community Service Coordinator.

Thank you for volunteering in your community. Please keep track of your volunteer hours by using the form below.

Technology Resources

We consider technology to be one of the essential components in preparing our students for higher education and for life. At The Gregory School, we ensure that technology is used to enhance curriculum, with the most important goal being to improve student learning. Faculty and students have access to networked information systems extending the reach of the classroom to the school, to the country, and to the world. Our faculty has extensive training in integrating laptops into every classroom. Our approach is not one of students' using laptops for note taking during lectures. Instead we promote the development of 21st century skills with online tools, and with students exhibiting their learning with digital presentations and publications. 

Adobe Creative Cloud is Free for The Gregory School Students

Technical specifications
It is our expectation that most laptop computers purchased in the last four years will most likely meet school requirements. For lower grades we suggest Chromebooks. For example, we use this older model in some Middle School labs.

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Wireless capability
Video (web cam) and audio-in (microphone) capability
USB and display connector

Software Requirements
Fully functional and standards compliant browser
Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection Software such as free Microsoft Security Essentials, ClamXav (Mac), Sophos (Mac), Immunet Protect Antivirus

Student Counseling

Our school counselor offers a variety of personal and confidential services to help support student social and emotional needs. We value and respect the privacy and diversity of each campus community member and endeavor to help students feel confident in making informed decisions that will enhance the quality of their lives. Our counselor is on campus throughout the school day and has a friendly and relaxing counseling center where students can drop in or make an appointment.

The Writing Center

Modeled after those found on many college campuses, The Gregory School Writing Center is a dedicated space that assists students in all phases of the writing process. Our student editors apply and interview for their positions and are highly trained and closely supervised by a dedicated faculty member.

MIT FabLab

The Gregory School's Fab Lab is the first and only school-based member of the MIT Fab Lab network in Arizona.

As a member of the MIT Fab Lab Network, our lab is not simply a facility for prototyping and 3D printing. We are part of a much larger community that collaborates beyond international borders, sharing knowledge, designs, and experiences. Someone making a project in New York should be able to send us the files and have the item created, fairly easily, in our science building at The Gregory School.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Organizations are an important part of campus life at The Gregory School. They connect students, create community and shape future leaders. Most clubs at The Gregory School are student initiated, giving students an outlet for their interests, curiosities, passions, and service commitments. Students at any grade level may select a topic of interest, write a club proposal, obtain a faculty advisor, and, once approved, promote their club to the student body. 

Democrats Club

Upper School

Discuss, debate and host guest speakers to get a peek behind the political campaign curtain and learn the logistical (but fascinating) nightmare that is a campaign!

Drama Club

Upper School

Student plan events such as Shakespeare sonnet delivery, perform at morning meetings, and facilitate projects and performances. 

Fantasy Football Club

Upper School

The Gregory School Fantasy Football Club brings students together to hone their negotiation skills, increase their understanding of statistics, manage risk, and develop long-term goals with their teams, all while having fun.

Farm Yard Club

Middle School and Upper School

The farm yard at TGS is a caring place for students to have real, interactive, compassionate experiences. Students practice responsibility for the health, welfare, and contentment of these animals. Students also build friendly relationships with animals and peers in this precious, peaceful space. Our farm yard learning space complements TGS’s rich and varied program of study fostering personal wholeness.

French Club

Middle School and Upper School

The French Club seeks to foster an appreciation of French-speaking cultures. Our aim is to create fun experiences, open to everyone in the school, which teach about those cultures. We sponsor movie events & crêpe parties, celebrate holidays, and do informative presentations to the school. We design a t-shirt almost every year to create a spirit of unity. We do various fundraisers and usually use the money to provide Christmas presents to a refugee family in Tucson.

FIRST Lego League

Middle School

FIRST Lego League is a guided global robotics competition based on theme-based challenges. Students collaborate to design, build, and test robots using Lego technology, apply real-world math and science concepts, and learn critical thinking, collaboration and presentation skills.

Literary Magazine: The Collective

Upper School

The Collective is an online magazine that features the creative works of students and alumni from The Gregory School. Poetry, essays, and photographs are among the most frequently represented genres from our students grades 5-12. The website also accepts audio and video submissions. The magazine is completely student-run. The editorial staff of The Gregory Muse works weekly during the lunch hour culling submissions, maintaining the website, and raising funds for an eventual printed edition. The school has a long-standing tradition of inspiring creative thinkers, and the literary magazine is one manifestation of an inspired student body.

The Gregorian Chant

Upper School

The Gregorian Chant is The Gregory School’s student-run, award winning newspaper. Students enrolled in journalism class write news and feature articles, research and interview subjects, solicit advertisements, edit, layout and publish “The Chant”, as it is fondly called. Journalism is not a club but an Upper School class offered for credit. However, student staff reporters are passionate about creating a high quality product and devote considerable time outside of class to make sure that The Chant is interesting, relevant and attractive to the TGS community.

Girl Up

Upper School
Girl Up at The Gregory School works to empower girls in our own community as well as girls around the world.

Investment Club

Upper School

The Investment Club works to educate the student body on the importance of saving, how to do so in the best manner, and teaching people different ways to invest.

Junior State of America

Upper School

Students learn about and debate current events.

Leaders for Public Health

Upper School
The mission of Leaders for Public Health is to provide The Gregory School student body with various avenues of education and resources about issues facing our generation today.

Math Club

Upper School
The purpose of the TGS Mathematics Club is to promote mathematics and challenge students through mathematics competitions. In the fall semester, we compete as a team in head to head online matches with other schools around the country. Many of these matches are conducted in real time. In the spring semester students compete individually in paper and pencil tests at the national and state level.

National Junior Arts Honor Society

Middle School

Open to 7th and 8th grade students, this society is for keen artists interested in making arts and crafts for the betterment of the community.

National Junior Classical League

Upper School
Membership to The Gregory School Chapter of the NJCL spreads the love of classics to the TGS community. Club members can qualify to compete in competitions at the state and national levels, attend conventions and obtain memberships to a variety of organizations.


Upper School
The robotics team participates in the First Tech Challenge robotics competition. Robotics gives the opportunity for students to learn mechanical design and building as well as software. The competition features 4 school teams on the playing field at the same time trying to score points by accomplishing a wide array of tasks. The game encourages students to work with peers from other schools and encourages professionalism among competing teams.

Roots and Shoots

Upper School
The Roots & Shoots group on campus works to involve The Gregory School students in community service projects that benefit local people, animals, and the environment. Our campus chapter is a member of Dr. Jane Goodall's global service organization.


Upper School

The Gregory School SEAL (Students Enhancing Athletic Leadership) Club works to raise awareness of school athletics and create an inclusive culture of Middle and High School athletes.

Strings Ensemble

Middle School and Upper School

Students with intermediate to advanced experience levels on Violin, Viola, Cello, and Upright bass meet once a week to rehearse and play music together.

Student Council

Middle School and Upper School

The student council strives to maximize the quality of student life by being the eyes, ears, and voice of the student body. The objective of the Student Council of the Gregory School is to represent student interest, needs and welfare within the campus community on issues affecting student life. This is done by initiating and coordinating student activities, representing student ideas and to the faculty and administration, and providing a physical and social environment in which to achieve the above objectives. Congruent with this is the development of leadership and teamwork within the student council in carrying out the duties of the student council.

Taiji Group

Middle School and Upper School

Learn and practice basic slow movements and breathing techniques of Taiji.

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