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We consider technology to be one of the essential components in preparing our students for higher education and for life. Here at The Gregory School we ensure that technology is used to enhance curriculum, with the most important goal being to improve student learning.

Faculty and students have access to networked information systems extending the reach of the classroom to the school, to the country, and to the world. These educational resources through information networks include national and international libraries, museums, and post-secondary institutions around the country.

WINGS has been funded with a special board grant of $140,000 from a restricted fund from our founder and wonderful patron, Bazy Tankersley.

The WINGS program has two main facets:

  1. A large technology and internet upgrades to support our laptop program across campuses.
  2. A major investment in the skill development of our teachers in the effective integration of laptops into our classrooms. This program includes faculty group site visits to schools which have long used laptops in Dallas, San Diego, and elsewhere; on-campus training of our entire faculty by national experts in 1:1 laptop programs; attendance at major national summer training seminars in laptop learning by many of our teachers; and a doubling of time allotted weekly next year for in-course training, collaborating, peer coaching and mentoring.

Our faculty has been training extensively in integrating laptops into every classroom. Our approach is not one of students using laptops for note taking during lectures. Instead we promote the development of 21st century skills with online tools, and with students exhibiting their learning with digital presentations and publications. Our students are using laptops for online organizing and scheduling (Google calendar); on-line collaboration and peer editing (on wikis, moodle, and google docs); for writing, communicating, and publishing (blogging, podcasting, video filming and more); for critical thinking and research skill development by using internet tools to access and analyze information; and for creating and innovating using sketchup and cad programs, animation, and much more.

For lower grades we suggest Chromebooks, we use this model in some of the labs.

Technical specifications

It is our expectation that most laptop computers purchased in the last four years will most likely meet these minimum requirements. 

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Wireless is mandatory. All bands are supported.
  • Video (web cam) and audio-in (microphone) capability.
  • USB and display connector (HDMI, VGA, DP etc.)

Software Requirements

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