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Dean of Upper School
Student Affairs Office

Michelle Borleske
Dean of Upper School Student Affairs

Upper School is a time for exploration, growth, and setting the foundation for the person you want to become. Whether graduation is 9 months away or 4-years from now, the new school year allows you to start fresh and be successful. Here are my “5 Steps to Success” that I encourage you to follow throughout the year:

Get Organized & Be Prepared

Where are you supposed to be and when? Use a planner for assignments and due dates, meetings, and games.

Master Time Management

Use your time effectively in class, study hall/free blocks, tutorials, and during evening homework.

Check Your Email Regularly

This is how essential updates and announcements are shared with you.

Communicate With Teachers & Advisors

They are awesome but not mind readers. Have questions - Ask! Feeling concerned - Share! Not sure what to do - Check!

Know & Utilize School Resources

Along with me as your Dean, our School Counselors, Librarians, the Director of IT, and the Zeskind Hall staff are here to assist you.
Student Services

The Upper School years at The Gregory School are an opportunity to practice the school's guiding principles of honesty, respect, responsibility, and safety while fostering our values of character, scholarship, leadership, and innovation. Our goal is to prepare our older students for life after graduation by instilling skills, opportunities, resources, and encouragement to become engaged and contributing community citizens.

Michelle Borleske,
M.A.C., M.A (She/Her)
Dean, Upper School Student Affairs


A student receives coaching anytime they are referred to the Dean's office for a behavioral issue. Coaching consists of a conversation where the student may talk through their perspective of the situation, and consider the perspective of others involved. They will analyze their own choices and plan alternative responses or strategies for improved decision-making in the future. Coaching is not a consequence, but an opportunity to learn from mistakes.

Student Academics
The Upper School Dean of Students Affairs supports students by monitoring grade reports and attendance, communicating with teachers, advisors, and school counselors, as well as providing academic advising as needed. The Dean may also work with students to develop an Action Plan, where a clear goal and plan are developed to further support student success. Official accommodations for students are coordinated by our school counselors.
During the course of a coaching session, strong feelings, emotions, or memories may arise for a student. It may be more beneficial for the student to meet with a school counselor. Again, this is a wonderful opportunity for us to meet students as they are, and provide the necessary support to ensure they are safe and successful at TGS.
Parent Communication
Parents/Guardians can expect a communication home when an issue of concern arises, or a student is referred to the Dean's office for a serious matter. They will be informed of the cause for the referral, and what type of action was taken (ie: coaching, counseling, or consequence). It is our goal to maintain an open line of communication, and ensure a supportive relationship across your Gregory School years.
In the case of a clear Student Handbook violation, or following multiple coaching opportunities, students may face a disciplinary consequence. The severity of the consequence depends upon the action and may range from lunch detention or a letter of apology, to restrictions on campus, and at the most serious level - suspension or expulsion.
Community Development
We all contribute to creating a positive and inclusive community. "Dine with the Dean" small group lunches are an opportunity for students and the Dean to get to know each other, and for students to provide direct feedback and share ideas. Weekly US meetings provide students with updates on school, club, and athletic happenings, and special events like drive-in movie nights, school dances, theater productions, concerts, and athletic game spirit days bring us all together in fun.

You also can email your questions or make appointments. I will do my best to reply to your email queries within 24 hours during our regular weekday business hours. If you need immediate assistance, call or visit my office.

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