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Why support TGS by Bonnie Miller

Over the past forty two years of teaching middle school students, I have learned to recognize and cherish those rare and special occasions that truly change a child forever. The annual Gregory Middle School excursion to Costa Rica is, without a doubt, truly transformational.

Deep in the Costa Rican rain forests, our students learn to appreciate the simple joys of nature that make every day a gift. By accepting physical challenges and overcoming fears, students develop self-confidence. Timid and tentative at first, our students are buckled into harnesses to zip through the forest canopy. Paddling together, they steer their rafts safely around rocks and through the rushing waters of the Sarapiqui River. They guide their horses along winding trails in the cloud forest. While snorkeling in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, they pause to cradle a passing octopus in their hands. They pay a visit to a rural elementary school. Speaking with the Costa Rican children in their own language, while helping with art projects or playing pick-up soccer, our students learn about the importance of language and cultural differences.

And, right before my eyes, my Gregory School students are growing and changing. How proud we all are as they display a new confidence in themselves, a sincere appreciation for the natural wonders around them, and an understanding of other people and their own place in the world. What a huge impact the Costa Rica trip has on our young people.

Your contributions to The Gregory School Annual Fund make this incredible Costa Rica experience possible for our students. With your support, we will be able to continue to offer this very special opportunity to explore a foreign culture, interact with amazing wildlife, and develop as confident and caring human beings. I cannot think of a better investment.