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Some of Ms. Lorraine Glazar's beadwork, as photographed by Molly Crown '23 for Etsy.

The 80s meet 2023 through student–retired faculty art collaboration

By Mackenzie McCormick '24

In the early years of TGS, when the dining hall was tiled in red and less than one hundred students ambulated the halls, Ms. Lorraine Glazar served as the drama teacher. At the time, drama was only offered for a trimester, so they were in need of a part-time teacher. Her then-employer, Arizona Theatre Company, eventually supplied her with a position at TGS in 1984. This embarked on her lasting connection to TGS, finding her love for the school and then her husband, Howard Zeskind, former head of school, for whom Zeskind Hall is named. 

Glazar has always had “a creative output” and a profound appreciation for the arts. For many years, she expressed that as a drama teacher. Soon after her departure as a drama teacher, she rekindled her love for beading. Her goal is to really make “jewelry accessible with every outfit” because you shouldn’t feel jewelry is limited to special events. Nowadays, she prefers creating simple yet elegant jewelry for athleisure. Glazar believes that every piece of jewelry has a “time and place” and has varied her beading style from heavy statement pieces to minimalist glass bead necklaces. 

During COVID-19, businesses began moving their operations online, and Ms. Lorraine Glazar followed suit. Prior, she sold her jewelry at house parties so her cupboards wouldn’t overflow with jewels. However, she gradually transitioned to relying on photography to capture her work. In the early fall of 2022, her plans with a professional photographer fell through, and she had to search for a new one during the busiest time of the season. Glazar reached out to TGS photography teacher, Ms. Amy Haskell '91, and sought out help. After learning Haskell was busy, she asked, “Do you have a student who’s available?” Ultimately, Glazar was introduced to Senior Molly Crown '23 and her photography. 

Ms. Lorraine Glazar was suddenly reminded how “the students of TGS have yet to really change.” Glazar described Molly as “extremely competent” with an “eye for detail.” Without conversing much with Molly, Glazar wasn’t aware that she “never really done product shots before” and mainly took photos for family and friends. In the end, Molly felt that “it was a great learning experience” and that she learned how to control the posing and lighting during photoshoots. While neither Glazar nor Molly consider their artistic outlets to be careers, they both exhibit a passion for their respective arts. Molly, who takes photos to document “the little moments with friends or on vacation." Glazar, who "manipulates hues and materials into elegance" with beads. And both, who have collaborated to bring more local art into the community. Go check out Ms. Lorraine Glazar’s Etsy!