TGS Teachers Make Some
Disney Magic

The 8th grade trip to Disney is a cherished TGS Middle School tradition, and our Middle School faculty was determined not to let current circumstances get in the way of some good Disney fun. They worked together for several weeks to create an afternoon of virtual Disney-themed games and activities, which was held on Friday, May 8.

The faculty were delighted that 54 of the 55 TGS 8th graders attended...

To get students excited about the event, Mrs. Maria Parillo, Special Assistant to the Associate Head of School, created invitations with tickets and mailed them to each 8th grade student, along with Disney mouse ears and other Disney surprises. 

Teachers created a series of short, lively Disney-themed sessions, including Disney Trivia and Disney Emoji Quiz, Disney Pictionary, Disney Task-Master, Disney Scavenger Hunt, Disney Guess Who Pictures, Name that Tune Disney, Scattergories, It's a Small World Bingo, and Disney Charades. The students were able to request friends to be in their Disney group, and the groups rotated through each 12-minute session in Zoom breakout rooms. Mrs. Allycyn Jacobs and Ms. Beth Cain ran the Zoom sessions, and students were greeted by videos of Disney roller coasters as they entered. Finally, each activity had prizes and there were LOTS of winners!

The faculty were delighted that 54 of the 55 TGS 8th graders attended, and the students had plenty of positive things to say about the experience. As one student commented, “I had a blast. It was a great way to bring some fun and friends to our quarantined lives!”

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