Assignment: Create a workout to fill one entire song of your choice! (For this story, Coach Earnhart edited clips of students' videos together with a single piece of music.)

In addition to our P.E. classes, Middle School art teacher, Mrs. Julia Conroy, a certified Zumba instructor, has been creating Zumba workouts for The Gregory School community.

TGS P.E. Teachers Work to Keep Kids
Fit & Healthy at Home

by Josh Dickinson and Angela Earnhart
Even with the COVID-19 virus keeping TGS kids away from campus, fitness and fun are continuing in physical education. The Gregory School P.E. teachers have been incorporating many creative workouts, games, and challenges into online resources that students can use at home.

Students have been working on strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness through core workouts, yoga, and running. On top of that, the students have had fun participating in fitness bingo, a live Zoom workout, juggling, creating one-song workouts, and customizing their own fitness routines.
Students have been tracking their activities and meeting online with their classmates. While online P.E. may not have the same thrill as a perfect shot against your friends in El Mirador gym, it has been amazing to see our students adapt and step up to the challenge of being in charge of their own fitness.
It is our hope that the silver lining to this situation will be that our students have even more skills in their repertoire to maintain lifelong fitness.

"I love teaching at TGS because we can teach to the students' needs. Being able to team-teach a Sports and Conditioning class and tailor workouts to fit our athletes' needs isn't something that you find at every school. We have the ability to be creative in our P.E. games and focus on the activities that students enjoy, not to mention that we are able to leave campus and go on bike rides! There is no place I'd rather teach! "

Angela Earnhart, B.A.

Angela Earnhart received her B.A. from University of Arizona. She joined The Gregory School faculty in 2015.

"After teaching in a variety of educational settings, I have found that teaching at The Gregory School is by far the best. The smaller community leads to a true family feeling anytime I walk on campus. Our amazing leadership team and board members supply our kids and classrooms with all of the resources needed to be successful. Teachers at The Gregory School have the freedom to be creative and find ways to accommodate all learning styles. On top of all that, lunch at The Gregory School is outstanding every day!"

Josh Dickinson, B.A.
Josh Dickinson received his B.A. in K-8 Education from Prescott College. He joined The Gregory School faculty in 2016.

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