TGS Clubs are Student-Driven and Diverse

When students arrive at The Gregory School, they are often surprised and excited to learn that, no matter their grade level, they can create a student club and invite other students to join. “Our approach to clubs is aligned with our philosophy of customizing and personalizing each student's learning experience at TGS,” head of school Dr. Julie Sherrill explained. “Clubs are student initiated so that students have an outlet for their interests, curiosities, passions, and service commitments.”

To create a club, students must write a proposal and enlist a faculty or staff member to serve as the club’s advisor. Once the club is approved, students promote their club to encourage others to join. “We're grateful that we have so many flexible and supportive faculty who are willing to sponsor those varied interests from year to year and march alongside our students providing the enthusiasm and ‘guardrails’ sometimes needed to successfully facilitate the club experience,” Dr. Sherrill said.

Students start and join clubs for many reasons. “One of the joys of being in a club is that you have a group of people who enjoy and are enthusiastic about one common subject,” Ashling Lee ‘22 said, adding that even when school becomes stressful, clubs are a nice break where you can be excited to talk and learn.

“The reason that I'm in Leaders for Public Health is because I know that the club has the power to make a larger difference,” Eron Maltzman ‘21 said. “Last year, I spoke at a city council meeting with the previous club president and we were able to help sway the city council vote to pass the Tobacco 21 law, making the legal age to purchase tobacco products in Tucson 21 from 18. Whether we're making small steps or big strides, LPH has the ability to build a healthier community and I'm very happy that I get to help alongside my peers.”

With a different perspective, Terah Williams ‘23, co-president of the all-school French Club explained her appreciation of that club. “French Club is the embodiment of diversity because we embrace the beauty of French culture,” she said. 

“TGS clubs are a great opportunity to expand your horizons and meet new people,” Eron said. “I've been in several clubs over the years and each is very unique and the members of each group are passionate about what they do. My advice to any newcomers to TGS is to join any clubs that sound even remotely interesting to them. We have a very diverse range of them at TGS and it can be very fun and rewarding to participate in all of the events each one plans.”

Students should look for an email with club descriptions, videos, and the opportunity to sign up.

Do you have an idea for a club that you'd like to start? It’s never too late! You can find club proposal instructions and the form on pages 20 - 21 of the student handbook

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