Teaming up to support
students & families

by Mrs. Michelle Borleske, director of college counseling and dean for grades 11 & 12

We are pleased to have teams of faculty and staff who are working to support our students, families, and teachers in both the Middle School and the Upper School. The teams consist of teachers who serve as grade-level deans, our school counselor, and our school registrar. The two teams meet weekly to discuss issues of concern related to the success of our students, teachers, and general campus well-being. 

An area of concern for parents and teachers alike is when students refuse to complete their assigned classwork or refuse to log-in to Zoom for their class sessions. While this struggle is not a new challenge in the world of education, and we all have days when our motivation is lacking, a student’s absolute refusal to engage in their learning may be heightened due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Link for Counselors newsletter articles “Tips for Parents During Remote Learning” and “Refusal To Work Tip Sheet” offer a wealth of information, practical advice, and reassurance for parents. If you find yourself needing additional information and support, please contact your child’s teacher directly as they can inform you regarding their class observations. You may also reach out to your student’s advisor for ideas, assistance, and support. If you find that the situation is not improving or you’re concerned about mental health issues, please don’t hesitate to contact our school counselor, Ashley Hazen, and your grade-level dean noted below. 

One thing that makes The Gregory School special is our ability to work collectively and collaboratively at all levels. We want our students to learn that when they seek help and give their best effort, they can accomplish amazing things and that we are here to support them in this effort.

Team members for the 2020-21 academic year:

11th/12th Grade Dean - Michelle Borleske
10th Grade Dean - Dr. Kerry Adams, with additional support from Jessica Langan-Peck
9th Grade Dean - Stacia Ely, with additional support from Jessica Langan-Peck
8th Grade Dean - Beth Cain
7th Grade Dean - Katie Patt
6th Grade Dean - Allycyn Jacobs
5th Grade Dean - Jennifer DeBenedetti
School Counselor - Ashley Hazan
Registrar - Holly Ainza
Head of School - Dr. Julie Sherrill

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