• Designer: Mika Gisches ‘24
    Client: Sra. Noriega

  • Designer: Dominic Murphy ‘25
    Client: Ms. Smith
  • Designer: Anthony Stemple ‘25
    Client: Conroy Advisory
  • Designer: Lucas Clemens ‘25
    Client: Ms. Smith
  • Designer: Aidan Vella ‘22
    Client: Coach Earnhart
  • Designer: Lucas Polec ‘25
    Client: Coach Earnhart
  • Designer: Connor Javid ‘25
    Client: Dr. Blute
  • Designer: Noah Ellis ‘25
    Client: Ms. Lesniak
  • Designer: Lindsey Twiss ‘25
    Client: Dr. Blute
  • Designer: Maverick Gose ‘25
    Client: Mrs. Conroy

  • Designer: Brooklyn Palmer ‘25
    Client: Ms. Lesniak
  • Designer: Wesley Twiss ‘23
    Client: Ms. Ely
  • Designer: Hannah Monash ‘22
    Client: Sra. Noriega

  • Designer: Charles Davis '25 
    Client: Ms. Cain 

  • Designer: Axel Lehmann '24 
    Client: Sra. Noriega

  • Designer: Dylan Pace '23 
    Client: Ms. Ely

    Teachers as Clients: Advanced Design Students Build Google Classroom Banners

     Stephen Krohn's Advanced Design students began the semester building their own animated Google banners. Once they learned the technique, they then offered their services to TGS teachers to add personalized, animated banners to the teacher's Google Classroom.

    Each student was assigned a client (the teacher). The student and teacher met during a tutorial so that the student could get an understanding of what the teacher wanted to display and create a "client brief." The students then got to work creating three prototypes for their client. The students and teachers met again to review the prototypes, and the students worked to combine the pieces of each prototype that the clients liked into one final presentation. 

    "It seems a little stressful, but once you start it is a really fun process," Dominic Murphy '25 wrote in his project reflection. "For people who would take this class next year, you should be excited for this project."

    Mika Gisches '24 wrote that she enjoyed the project and spent time thinking about what she might do differently next time. "If I do this again, some advice I have for myself is to be more thorough in my planning for the animation aspect of my work. I struggled with that the most and I think I would have most likely struggled less if I would have had a more strict plan for myself."


    "It is the spirit of collaboration that impresses me the most at the Gregory School. There is so much creativity coming from the students and my fellow staff. It is their imagination that is continuously driving my own creativity as an art teacher. When we all begin collaborating together and sharing our amazing ideas, only magical things can happen. It’s exciting to be part of the faculty at The Gregory School and have this positive energy in my life every day."

    Mr. Stephen Krohn

    Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA from the University of Arizona, Stephen Krohn is one of our Middle School Faculty. Besides teaching at the Gregory school, Mr. Krohn has spent much of his career teaching in Bangladesh, South Korea, Alaska, and various camps across the US.

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