Modeling a Roman Day

During the TGS Middle School tradition of Rome Day, students in grades 5 - 8 get a taste of life in ancient Rome. "I would like people to glimpse the idea that life 2,000 years ago was more like our life today than life 1,000 years ago," Middle School Latin teacher Mr. Jeff Clashman wrote. 

"The Romans had art, recipes, games, contests, books, and the value of collaboration. Therefore we should have a day to make some art that will beautify campus for years to come. We'll have Roman style recipes for lunch. We'll have a storyteller tell ancient stories that will entertain the masses. We'll have athletic contests with prizes of poetry and vases."

Rome Day culminates in a chariot race, in which two students pull a third student in a chariot in an effort to bring glory to their team.

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