Making Art at Home
and Making our Home our Art

by Julia Conroy

Despite 8th grade art students not being able to do their cumulative project at the University of Arizona Museum of Art this year, we tried a new approach, making art at home, exploring Google Arts and Culture.

Inspired by the Getty Museum’s request for fans to come up with artwork created at home using household objects, we decided to have a go! Enjoy!

Getty Museum Examples

"I feel privileged to work with the extraordinarily talented and energized faculty, staff and students at The Gregory School. Challenges are met with innovation and individualism, so what an enriching environment for our young artists as they explore creativity. Unique and diverse visual work flourishes in the art room and I’m lucky to witness it evolving day by day."

Julia Conroy, M.A.

Julia Conroy has an M.A. in Art Education from the University of Iowa and a B.A. in Art Practice and Community with Psychology from Middlesex University.

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