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Guest brings eyewitness experience
to journalism classes

 by Mr. Tim Milner, English faculty

Just before winter break, the Journalism classes had the wonderful opportunity of engaging with a journalist who was on the frontlines for a pivotal moment in American history. Our community's own Tom Pew testified at the trial of the Chicago 7, based on his writings of the incident at that time.  
"Mr. Pew visiting our class was an awesome experience for everyone involved. Mr. Pew has led an astounding life from being a witness at the Chicago trial to reporting in Vietnam during the war. It was really great to hear these stories first hand from someone who was actually there. It definitely gave me a new perspective on these historical occasions, it brought me closer to the events and made it feel real instead of something that I would just read about."
– Michael Pisetsky '22

In preparation, the classes read Mr. Pew's articles based on his eyewitness accounts of the police brutality that took place outside the 1968 Democratic National Convention and led to the spectacle that was this trial. Additionally, we each watched the new film on Netflix based on these events, Aaron Sorkin's The Trial of the Chicago 7, considered to be a contender for a best picture nomination. 

"It was an amazing experience to be able to talk to a much more experienced journalist, and it was interesting to hear his own opinion not only of the film, but of the case itself. It was cool to see how he operated as a journalist during an event like this and to get to ask him questions about what he saw both as a journalist and as a bystander."
– Mason Davis '23
On the day of Tom's visit to our classes via Zoom, we engaged in a fascinating open dialogue, with the students getting the opportunity to ask questions about Mr. Pew's perspective on the trial, the experience of journalism on the frontlines during monumental events, and connections he could see with recent events revolving around police brutality. Mr. Pew was gracious with his time, speaking with both sections of Journalism and allowing the students to direct the talk to their specific interests on these matters. 
— Tom Pew is a member of The Gregory School Board of Trustees and a current grandparent. —

"As an alum and current teacher at TGS, I feel connected to the energy that has run continuously throughout my 20+ year association with the school. The school has always valued community in words and actions and demonstrates it by producing standout, well-rounded humans. At TGS, we learn to not only become top-notch academics, but more importantly, citizens prepared to make the world a better place."

Tim Milner, M.Ed.

Tim Milner holds a M.Ed. in Teaching & Teacher Education, a B.A. in English, and a B.A. in Music, all from the University of Arizona.