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Fifth Graders Share Insights 
on Being Back

As the pioneers in our return-to-campus process, several members of the class of '28 agreed to share some of their experiences and insights about being back on campus. We are grateful to these students for taking the time to share their thoughts with our community! Following are excerpts from the students' reports.

"If you do decide to come back to school, then there are a few new rules you will need to follow, such as wearing a mask, washing your hands, staying socially distanced, picking up your trash, and sanitizing your space. In my opinion following these few rules to be on campus is definitely worth it."
– Jules Morris-Scott
"Most students adjusted to these basic rules quite quickly and these are simple rules that I personally think anyone could follow." 
– Daniela Guerrero
"So far, it is just the fifth grade (students) at the school, but it is still much better than remote learning."
– Gavin Pacanowski
"Going to class in person and getting to actually see my teachers is just crazy. It's really cool to be sitting in a class and not in my room staring at my computer. My teachers are amazing!"
– Layla Sydow
"We have planted corn seeds and we are starting to build bridges. After classes we have lunch, which is a lot better than in-person learning because we have good school lunch from Sage Dining and we play fun stuff during break like sports, scooters and BINGO which is awesome!"
– Carson Namanny
"(A) thing I like about my return to in-person school is the language classes. I do French. The thing I most love about language classes is that I get to explore new things and I get to learn new things."
– Madison Schaffer
"Our teachers need to spend time working with the people at home and with the people in person. I think it is hard for the teachers.... I met friends and talked to them at lunch. We talked about our teachers and our old school. We had to stay six feet apart. It was fun organizing the Halloween party."
– Simone Hurwitz