COVID-19 Update

This page will be updated as information becomes available and as new questions arise.

Just as we have done since March of 2020, we are working closely with public health officials to determine the best safety protocols for our school community. As protocols change, we will communicate with our families, faculty, and staff, and will continue to update this page.

  • Does the school offer a COVID test?

    The Pima County Health Department has approved TGS as a "lab/testing site" for the rapid antigen tests. Five staff members are trained to do the testing on site. Students may be tested at school if staff determine that this should be done; however, a student must have a consent form on file to be tested.

    Antigen test FAQs

  • What are the travel protocols for school breaks?


     Because it is impossible to maintain six feet of distance or know the vaccine status of fellow travelers, a seven-day quarantine is required after traveling outside of Pima County by plane, train or bus during the upcoming holidays. Unvaccinated students must quarantine upon return home and take a PCR COVID-19 test on Day 5 of their quarantine. If the COVID-19 test is negative, the student may return to school on Day 8 as recommended by the Pima County Health Department. Students who forego COVID-19 testing on Day 5 or later must quarantine for 10 days before they can return to school.

     While we are unable to provide a virtual learning option for students who are required to quarantine due to travel, where feasible and meaningful, teachers may provide students with independent work to be completed at home during their quarantine. If you anticipate your child will need to quarantine due to travel outside Pima County by plane, train or bus, please contact either the middle school office (Mrs. Parillo), or Zeskind Hall (Ms. Caughron) as soon as possible so that we can all plan accordingly.   Thank you!


     Vaccinated students are free to return to campus upon their return to Tucson.   As always, if you discover that you were exposed to COVID-19 during travel and your child becomes symptomatic, we require them to be tested with a PCR COVID-19 test and receive negative results before returning to campus.


  • Is instruction in person for the 2021-22 school year?

    Yes. All instruction is in person, and we are building community by once again coming together for traditions and rituals that include all-school meetings, division and grade-level activities, performing arts events, and athletic competitions. We’ve learned a great deal about how to modify some of those delivery systems to increase the safety of our community!

  • Are masks required?

    To deliver a Gregory School in-person learning experience for all of our students, we have begun the year with a universal masking requirement for everyone while indoors. 

    Masks will not be required outdoors for anyone, unless they are participating in an activity that may include close contact, such as playing basketball during lunch, in which case supervising teachers will require that masks be put on to continue play.

  • What other safety protocols are in place for in-person instruction?

    We are continuing safety protocols begun last year including frequent hand-washing, hand sanitizer available throughout campus, air purifiers in each classroom, social distancing, and outdoor learning spaces.

  • Are COVID-19 vaccinations required for all eligible students?

    While we are not requiring COVID vaccinations for enrollment and class attendance, vaccines are required for school-provided transportation such as interim week, athletics, and other group travel.

    We invite families to self-report COVID vaccines by emailing proof of vaccination to Ms. Joyce Caughron, our receptionist in Zeskind Hall (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  As with all other medical information already required by the school, this information will be kept confidential.

  • Are visitors permitted on campus and are they be screened?

    Visitors to the school such as vendors and prospective families continue to be required to stop at the security gate for a health screening. Visitors are encouraged to conduct business by email or phone whenever possible.

  • How does the lunch program work?

    SAGE Dining is serving fresh lunches made on-site, including hot options served by SAGE staff and a large selection of grab-and-go sandwiches, salads, and fruit in the dining hall. However, students are continuing to eat outside.

  • Where can I find the school's COVID waiver?

  • Where can I find more information about COVID-19 for families in our community?

    Pima County maintains a Combined COVID-19 Information and Resources page focusing on local programs and opportunities, as well as information for schools and parents. In addition, they offer a "When to go Back to School" tool, to help parents navigate if their student contracts or is exposed to COVID-19

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