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College counseling begins transition from class of '21 to class of '22

The change from first to second semester brings the end to the required fall college counseling class for all seniors and the start of an elective college counseling class for juniors. However, even though the Senior College Seminar is ending, Director of College Counseling Michelle Borleske is nowhere near done working with the class of ‘21.

In a message to seniors and their families, Mrs. Borleske wrote, "While the class may be over, our partnership continues on throughout the year. Although I begin working with the juniors during second semester, I continue to be available for the seniors to work on new applications, provide assistance and advice, and guide them through the next steps of considering or finalizing admissions decisions." In the message, Mrs. Borleske also provided words of wisdom on finding and applying for scholarships and on finishing senior year strong. 

On January 12, Mrs. Borleske will host the junior/parent launch meeting to discuss the next steps of exploring and developing a college list, the six critical components of college applications, selecting senior year courses, virtually “visiting” colleges during this coronavirus era, and more. Juniors who are enrolled in the Junior College Seminar will begin weekly block class sessions, where they will explore various types of colleges and universities, begin generating a list of colleges to consider, preview college applications, create resumes, learn about standardized test-optional and test-blind policies, and more. 

Beginning in February and continuing through April, each junior family will have an extended personalized college counseling appointment with Mrs. Borleske to discuss ideas and goals and begin a plan of action, including plans for the summer of 2021.

Finally, all students and families, regardless of their year, are always welcome to email Mrs. Borleske with questions and to arrange meetings during free blocks, tutorials, or after school, if needed. 

"The Gregory School leads with "Yes" when it comes to trying new and creative ideas and to paving the way forward whenever possible to allow our students to pursue both their academic and personal interests. As the Director of College Counseling, I see the direct impact of this growth mindset in our students' readiness for college, in the way they pursue post-high school options with big dreams and open minds, and in the reflections shared in their college essays and interviews. Every year, the students' excitement and anticipation re-energizes and motivates me to serve them with my very best so their dreams can be attained."

Michelle Borleske, M.A., M.A,C.

Michelle Borleske received her B.A. in Communications from University of Wisconsin - Parkside, her M.A. in Public Administration from Northern Michigan University, and her M.A.C. in School Counseling from Lakeland College. She joined The Gregory School in 2018.