Students place their time capsule contributions into the capsule.

Burying our pandemic memories

To commemorate the memories of a very tough time from March 2020 to May 2021, Ms. Lori Barnett's Upper School psychology class buried a time capsule at the front of the school on the south side of the library. They plan to unearth the capsule in 10 years.

The students wrote essays to their future selves, comparing themselves to a tree and describing the roots, branches, trunk, and leaves of their lives. They also included in the capsule clothing, face masks, the QR code for a music playlist, books, vaccination stickers and more. See the Arizona Daily Star story for interviews, details and more photos.

"I am blessed to be teaching in an environment that honors both contemporary and classical content and pedagogy. Students benefit from the diversity of approaches, and it is clear that they apply what they have learned in all their classes. Moreover, it is glorious to witness the ways in which they excel in the subjects and activities they love, and share with them those triumphs in which they have interest and passion."

Lori Barnett, M.A.

Lori Barnett graduated from the Queens College City University of New York. She joined The Gregory School faculty in 2013.

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