Dear TGS Families:

Our 40th Ruby Jubilee Celebration was a smashing success and it was delightful to see so many of our current families join in the festivities! During the event, alumni parents Shelly and Steve Silverman (’07, ‘11) announced an incredibly exciting offer….

Yes, you heard that right. They are prepared to match, dollar for dollar, every gift received by TGS between now and June 30. Amazing! This is a wonderful opportunity to increase our percentage of giving by all of our school constituents, while doubling the gift. We are close to our annual fund goal, but there are other facility projects and priorities that you might also be interested in supporting:

  1. Creating a new front entrance that frames our campus as the only Independent School in Tucson, while paying homage to the Old Ft. Lowell District
  2. Expanding seating in our performing arts theater
  3. Improving the sound system for our performing arts program
  4. Continuing to improve El Mirador Gymnasium and athletic facilities
  5. Building a darkroom for the photography program
  6. Expanding our Writing Center
  7. Creating a physical fitness/outdoor play area on the middle school campus

Thank you for helping us increase our percentage of giving and for adding to the enthusiasm created during our 40+ Anniversary celebration! 

The Gregory School
Julie A. Sherrill, Ph.D.
Head of School
"The Gregory School is a place that is transforming learning and transforming students' lives. Gregory students lead institutions; they found movements; they invent technology; they run cities. Students leave TGS with a sense of agency; they believe they can change the world for the better and it is our aim to ensure we give them the knowledge, skills, experiences and confidence to do so."
Dr. Julie A. Sherrill, Head of School
Dr. Julie Sherrill has spent over 20 years in educational leadership. Her academic credentials include an M.S. in Education Administration and a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in Curriculum Development and Teacher Professional Development.

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The Gregory School is an independent, private,
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