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Behind the Scenes at TGS

Although our students are learning remotely, a versatile team of staff members is working on campus (and in one case remotely) to keep The Gregory School running smoothly through the pandemic and from the time a family first contacts our school until their student graduates. Here's a quick behind-the-scenes look at who’s doing what.


Sherri Wirth welcomes visitors and callers at the front desk in Zeskind Hall. Much of Mrs. Wirth’s day is currently spent on attendance, checking in with families and teachers when students miss a Zoom or will be absent, but she is also somehow always available to offer help, answer questions, and make everyone feel at home.

Lisa Kondrat works primarily with prospective and current families, helping them navigate and understand the application and financial aid processes, and she is our fabulous tour guide for potential applicant families. (Yes, we are still offering tours!) Ms. Kondrat is also involved in myriad other activities, from working in communications and development to supervising students on campus to being last year’s MS assistant softball coach. Her office is in Zeskind Hall.

From her office next door to Dr. Sherrill, Lynn Margelofsky maintains Dr. Sherrill’s calendar, serves as liaison to the Board of Trustees and to our maintenance and custodial teams, and does anything and everything else that needs doing, from being a trusted proofreader to keeping track of employee time off to assembling giant mailings to ordering supplies.

Gabriel Soto Cota, Victor Valenzuela Ayala, and Nelson Mayorga (not pictured) are our buildings and grounds team. They make sure our entire campus is safe and attractive, and they install or repair everything that you can think of to keep our campus humming. 

Chef Ian Churchill (not pictured) and Kyle BahrmanSonya Shearer, and Efrain Vasquez of the SAGE Dining team are on campus early every morning to prepare lunch from scratch for everyone on campus and everyone enjoying curbside pickup. They then transport the lunches and necessary supplies to two locations on campus where they serve meals with good cheer and with special care to help ensure everyone’s safety. 

In the Middle School office, Maria Parillo supports the MS Dean Team as well as the entire faculty. If your student needs to pick up books or science kits, Mrs. Parillo has organized them and has them waiting for you. She is a key player in special events, such as last spring’s virtual trip to Disneyland for 8th graders, supervises students on the Middle School campus, and fulfills a huge number of other duties each day. Mrs. Parrillo also puts her technical skills to work developing surveys and compiling their results and  contributes to the development of countless school documents.

Director of Technology Andrei Henriksan and his colleague Darius West carry the technological side of all things TGS. During remote and hybrid learning, this has been an astounding feat. They wire the campus, support the technology needs of all students, faculty and staff, and manage the website as well as the emergency and bell systems. In fact, they do such a good job that we don’t even know what all they do, because it just works!

In Zeskind Hall, registrar Holly Ainza is currently working both on individual student schedules for spring semester and on course offerings and schedules for the 21-22 academic year, which involves working closely with faculty and administration as well as students and their families. She is also working with faculty to ensure that semester grades are entered and recorded and was and continues to be instrumental in determining class sizes and capacities for return from remote learning.

As part of the custodial team with Leonel Aguirre and Mark Morris (both not pictured), Shawn Williams traverses The Gregory School campus multiple times each day, sanitizing all restrooms and campus surfaces on a demanding schedule and signing off that the work has been completed. 

Our remote colleague is Director of Admissions and Community Outreach Mary Laughbaum. Mrs. Laughbaum has been busy moving our admission process entirely online and is now communicating with families who have admission inquiries, organizing and reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and communicating with families regarding early deadline decisions.

Director of Finance Mary Babbitt and Controller/Financial Analyst Janine Henderson oversee school finances, from tuition, to tax credit funds, to yearbook purchases, to payroll and bills, to gifts to the annual fund. Ms. Babbitt and Miss Janine (her preferred title with the students!) work daily in Zeskind Hall to keep The Gregory School fiscally strong.