Eighth Grade science students applied their knowledge of acids and alkalis to real world examples, inlcuding the efficacy of antacids and the neutralization of bee and wasp stings.

Applying science to the real world

by Helen Reynolds, science faculty

Our new Middle School science curriculum is full of opportunities to apply science to the real world, and this week was no exception! Eighth Grade students are learning about acids and alkalis, and started off familiarizing themselves with the pH scale.

Previously students had learned about stomach acid, so now they could investigate the effects of antacids, such as Alka Seltzer. Using their knowledge of pH and neutralization, students performed a lab to find out if it’s worth paying double for branded antacids. They learned that it isn’t! It took about the same amount of solution to bring the pH back to that of normal stomach acid.

Then we looked at how people used to use acids and alkalis to neutralize bee and wasp stings, and how that tells us which stings are acid and which are alkali.

So much useful chemistry in everyday life!

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