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Then and now: Dr. Jon B. Wang serving in Vietnam in 1971 and speaking 50 years later at our all-school meeting in recognition of Veterans Day

Alumni parent, veteran speaks to TGS students

In recognition of Veterans Day, alumni parent Dr. Jon B. Wang spoke to the entire Gregory School student, faculty, and staff community during all-school meeting on Monday, November 8. 

Dr. Wang was born in China in 1941his parents having escaped the Japanese invasion of the Chinese east coast by moving into the mountains to the west and south. After China, he lived in India and Central and South America before coming to the United States.

Dr. Wang attended Princeton University, then went to medical school, followed by two years of surgical training. In 1970, he volunteered to join the Army and again volunteered to be a paratrooper. He qualified for the U.S. Army Special Forces, the Green Berets. In 1971, Dr. Wang volunteered for duty in Vietnam and served 14 months—volunteering to add an additional two months to his duty there.

"For me it was a privilege to serve my country, especially in wartime, because I am so grateful to be an American citizen," Dr. Wang told the school community. He added, "In this country we have that freedom to strive for any goal we may choose, provided we do not impose on other citizens’ freedoms or do damage to society as a whole."

Dr. Wang stressed that we all have an obligation to maintain and protect the freedoms that have been given us, to be committed to preserving them, and to be good, aware citizens.

After leaving the military, Dr. Wang served most recently as team physician and surgeon for the University of Arizona Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. He is currently a member of the Tucson Rotary Club.

Thank you to Dr. Wang, for sharing his story with our community, and thank you to all veterans for your service.