At The Gregory School, clubs are student-driven. Students have the freedom to reflect on their interests and then create clubs to share these interests with other students. To create a club, a student must write a proposal, secure a faculty or staff advisor, and get their club approved by the Upper or Middle School Dean. The student then promotes the club through announcements, emails, posters, and events to encourage other students to join. Once the club is formed, students are responsible for overseeing the club and organizing its meetings, events, and activities under the guidance of the club’s advisor.

TGS journalism student Mackenzie McCormick ‘24 spent a Friday Exploration with the Upper School Film Club, learning all about that club and its goals, to write this article. Please look for more newsroom stories from Mackenzie soon.

The Gregory School Film Club works on its current film, which will include "betrayal, the TGS campus, and laughter," according to Axel Schulz '24, the club's president. Photo: Mackenzie McCormick '24

By Mackenzie McCormick ‘24

A passion that ignites creativity

During the 2021–2022 school year, Axel Schulz ‘24 rekindled TGS’s Film Club and inspired a new generation of filmmakers. The club has "really expanded this year," according to Schulz, because it is a "passion that ignites people's creativity." At a young age, he got into filmmaking by utilizing iMovie with his cousins and making home movies that “should never meet the public eye.”

Film club, which typically meets on Friday explorations, specializes in producing short films that are only a few minutes long. Most of these projects have simpler scopes, such as music videos and short stories. Many members produce their own independent films with the help of other peers who act in or help film them. Schulz expounds that "scheduling to create longer media" is difficult, but they are currently working on their first longer film, which will be around 10 minutes long: a 10-minute film, which will consist of hours of collective script writing, hours of location scouting, and hours of editing. Schulz presumes that this 10-minute film could take up to three hours per minute. These hours become easier, Schulz says, when you have a passion for it. Other than the hours to create a film, Schulz indicates people “often assume there’s just one director or producer” when in actuality you need “multiple camera people, a person for sound, actors, and editors.” Film requires a community and a team to prosper.

In May, Film Club plans to host a film festival exhibiting the media they’ve created in the past two years. This would also include their current film in progress, which Schulz would "not like to spoil," but will have betrayal, the TGS campus, and laughter. Hugo Sydow ‘23, a member of the club, is “excited to reveal their passions,” while we are all excited for the future of the TGS Film Club.

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