A Farmyard Update from Mr. Clashman

Neville shakes those ears loose on a morning walk.
Ducks still love clean water. Kumquat has learned to fly. That makes me a little scared, but that is what ducks were made to do.
Mr. Clashman and the goats take their morning walk.

Joining our long time helper Scott Reeder (alumni parent of Acacia Reeder '19), other kind families from nearby neighborhoods have volunteered to tuck the animals in at dusk and close up for the night. Even in times of separation, new helpers come out in support of beings with hearts.

The farm is a different place without students. I take the goats for a long walk every morning except Sunday. Sunday, the goats like to stay in the yard to avoid the predator faces of dogs.

The goats love eating plants on these long walks. Remembering the old days of going on calm grazes with our OGs (original goats) Cupcake, Sprinkles, Floyd, and Hazel, I have the feeling in my heart that Neville and Floyd were meant to browse together. They both love snacking more than anything.
Coco nibbles and gnaws.
The yard is for the love of animals, but lately I have been getting all sorts of new visitors to our community. Ken Beider and his daughter, Ellee '26, have been helping complete the task list in the yard every day. Without the zero hour farmyard classes, the yard list could take me three hours to finish. I miss you guys.
"I love working at The Gregory School because of the real human relationships faculty create with students. It is important that students and faculty work in the classroom, but then in the farm I have a novel relationship with the same students. Also, I have a big grassy classroom for soccer. Then on Fridays I see students for watercolors, or mythology Playmobil, or field trips to my house to visit other goats and chickens, or all sorts of other great explorations. Then in advisory I see students for more serious business about grades, the future, snacks, and Pokemon. I love The Gregory School because it takes all these moments in the day to know whole people, and with all these varieties of contact in a day, week, month, and year we all grow to be more whole complete people. This is the best kind of complex education."
Jeff Clashman, M.Ed.
Jeff Clashman holds an M.Ed. in English at the Secondary Level from DePaul University and a B.A. in Latin from Indiana University. He was appointed to The Gregory School Faculty in 1994.

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