2020 Seniors Thank Faculty

Led by Beatrice Anctil, Kira McNeill, and Stryder Rodenberg, The Gregory School Class of 2020 found a creative and heartfelt way to thank their teachers: In June, they wrote a letter, and then Stryder, Kira, and Beatrice delivered the letter personally to each teacher's home, along with a delicious baked good. The Class agreed to share the letter here. Congratulations again, Class of 2020! You continue to astound us.

Dear Staff and Faculty,

Thank you for your heroic commitment to us as students over these last months. The hours you have put in: in higher quantity and greater difficulty. The accommodation and flexibility: collaborating with students to adjust to new curriculums and adapting to new teaching methods on the fly. Your steadfast and honest communication throughout. These have all made a positive impact on every one of our lives. Additionally, in moving forward with a graduation ceremony this year, you have exemplified compassion and creativity in their deepest and rawest forms.

By staying true to the mission and core principles of our school, you have illuminated their great importance: their ability to maintain the joyous, well-connected, and caring Gregory School community that we all know and love dearly, no matter the situation from the outside world. For the past few months especially, this community has kept us grounded, motivated, and positive.

You were the foundation for our community. You prompted us to come to you for help, for any reason. It was never just about schoolwork to all of you; it was all about bettering us in any way you could. You all wanted us as students to trust you, to be vulnerable with you, to be open and honest about everything. Because of that, all of the students point to our relationship not only with each other but to you as teachers as our main love for being at school. Whether we’ve been here for all four years, or for a single year, it was always easy to become close to you. You as teachers are the reason we have this tight-knit community and for that, all of us want to thank you. 

Let us face it, most of the senior class at one point or another met the phenomenon, senioritis. Whether authentic or not, at its peak or mildest, nevertheless, you were all there to push us no matter what. 

Thank you for your time, your patience, your realness. Thank you for encouraging us, for supporting us, for caring about us. Thank you for seeing us as a partner in education, as students who can teach others as well as learn. Thank you for inspiring us to learn and for inspiring us to help others the way you have.

With gratitude, 

Senior Class of 2020

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