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Over the years we have received calls from alumni interested in purchasing yearbooks from the years of their attendance here. As time goes on, our print library has become smaller with some years having only one or two copies available. Scanning all the books became our solution.

We developed a relationship with the University of Arizona Main Library, Express Document and Production Services to learn about how we could preserve and share these yearbooks. The project was costly, extensive, and would take several months to complete.

Through a single donation from a generous alumna, we were able to move ahead very quickly. The project got underway in March, 2016 and is slated for completion in early July. We are pleased to provide you free access to our entire online library of yearbooks!

Yearbooks and professional quality prints can be purchased upon request. Pricing varies from year to year based on the size and color profile of the book. Please contact us with your specific order and we will provide you with an individual quote.

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