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Middle School and Upper School
Substitute Teachers

The Gregory School seeks qualified substitute teachers for both middle and upper school grade levels.  The best substitute teachers are highly-motivated, flexible, have clear communication skills and enjoy working with students.  Substitute teachers are expected to maintain a positive learning environment while delivering content according to teacher lesson plans.  Previous experience teaching is preferred, but not required.  

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Follow lesson plans provided by teacher
  • Clearly communicate content and adjust teaching style if necessary
  • Maintain a positive learning environment while managing a group of students
  • Assign classwork and homework according to teacher lesson plans
  • Encourage participation from students 
  • Adhere to the daily school schedule and safety procedures

Substitute teachers who work during the COVID-19 pandemic will be required to wear a mask, and will be asked to sign a COVID visitor screening form upon arrival to campus each day.

If interested, please fill out an online application.