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Alumni Class Representatives

Class representatives are listed by graduation year. If you have questions, please contact Alicia Saposnik, Director of Communications & Alumni Engagement at, 520-327-6395.

Class of 1982
Are you interested in representing the class of 1982? Please contact Alicia Saposnik at
Class of 1983

Paco Varela

Class of 1984

Amy (Beck) Gallo
(Amy Gallo's alumni bio was written by Haley Evic '21 as part of her senior internship to interview and write about our alumni.)
Amy Gallo made Gregory School history as one of the first graduates who attended all four years of the high school here. She was a freshman when St. Gregory first opened and there were only about 48 students! Some of her fondest memories were eating lunch outside with friends. After graduation, she went to Denison University in Ohio to study Spanish. She then moved back to Arizona and got a master's degree in social work from ASU. Twenty-six years ago, she met the love of her life, Adam Gallo, and they now have three children together. Amy currently lives in Scottdale working as a social emotional learning specialist, similarly to school counselor, at Anasazi Elementary School and RedField Elementary School. Our School is lucky to have been a part of her journey.

Tim Thurston

Class of 1985

Lisa Ilka Abrams

Lisa Ilka Abrams was appointed to the position of Commissioner/Judge Pro Tempore, Pima County Superior Court in May 2010. In January 2021, Governor Ducey elevated her to the position of Judge. She has served on the family, juvenile, and probate benches. Lisa has been a member of the Pima County Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board since 2012 and served two terms on the board of the Arizona Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. She was Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Alumnae Association of Smith College and the chair of the Network of Alumnae Admissions' Coordinators for eight states. She currently serves on the Smith College Medal Committee. She is a former partner of the law firm of Karp & Weiss, P.C. She practiced in the areas of family, school, and juvenile law. She began her career as a Pima County Public Defender, and then worked as in-house counsel for Tucson Unified School District. She earned her B.A., magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Smith College, and her J.D. from the University of Arizona. Lisa is a certified therapy dog handler and a volunteer with In the Arms of Angels (All Breed Rescue and Foster). She is married to Ted Abrams; they have two children, Ben (age 23) and Henry (age 20), and six (yes, 6) dogs.

Class of 1986

Melanie Galloway

Anissa Harris

Elaine Lander

Class of 1987

Kerry Adams

Molly (Hodges) Mueller

Class of 1988

Claudine (Gootter) Messing
(Claudine Messing's alumni bio was written by Haley Evic '21 as part of her senior internship to interview and write about our alumni.)
Claudine Messing’s relationship with The Gregory School has really come full circle. Claudine reminisced about her times at St. Gregory with great fervor. She participated in almost every school production and was a member of the tennis team. One of her most fond memories was going to chapel (what we now call all school meetings) and hanging out with friends. At the time, the school was still quite small (only consisting of a high school) so everyone knew each other very well. She had friends of all different ages and grade levels, which gave her a glimpse of what things would be like in college and later in life. The teachers also played a large role in enhancing her experience. Claudine is thankful for the bonds she has made with her instructors and is still in touch with several of them. After graduation, she attended NYU and double majored in French and Spanish literature and civilization. Her time at St. Gregory instilled good study techniques and habits, making her transition to college much smoother. In New York, she pursued acting and theater for several years before going to LA to work in film and television. After meeting her husband, the two moved back to Tucson for a job opportunity. Currently, Claudine serves as the vice president of the Steven M. Gootter Foundation, a non-profit organization started in memory of her brother, working to defeat sudden cardiac death. Both of her children, Drew '21 and Lily Messing, are Gregory School students. She is thrilled that they get to share similar experiences from the school that helped shape who she is today. Another important role in her life is serving as president of The Gregory School board of trustees, which she considers to be a great honor. “I love giving back to a school and community that has given me so much.”

Kit (Colwell) Standridge

After graduating from The Gregory School, Kit attended Emory University in Atlanta, GA, where she majored in English and Spanish. She graduated in 1992. After a year of working on campus in the Goizueta Business School, she received her Master of Arts in Teaching, also from Emory. She began teaching high school Spanish in 1995, the same year she married John Standridge. In 1996, Kit and John moved to the North Shore of Boston so that John could pursue graduate studies. He received his Masters of Divinity (MDiv) in 2002. They lived in the Boston area until 2012. In that time, they had four children, moved several times and enjoyed life in New England. Kit kept on teaching Spanish and English Language Arts in a variety of settings: public high school, small private school and a homeschool cooperative. In 2012, Kit and the family relocated to Kerrville, Texas, a small town not far from San Antonio, where John had been called to plant a new church congregation. While not working alongside John in church planting, Kit worked as the Executive Director of the Kerrville Public School Foundation for two years, before going back to the classroom, first as a Spanish teacher, and then as a district instructional coach for literacy in the middle grades. Currently, Kit and John live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their three oldest children are out of high school and in college/working. Their youngest will be a high school sophomore. John pastors Christ Church Santa Fe, and Kit teaches Spanish and English Language Development at the Academy for Technology and the Classics, the number 2 high school in New Mexico!

Class of 1989

Laura (Ingersoll) Dunnigan
(Laura Dunnigan's alumni bio was written by Haley Evic '21 as part of her senior internship to interview and write about our alumni.)
Laura Dunnigan and her family played an integral role in the school’s beginnings. Her father was the first head of school of St. Gregory. He pulled inspiration from similar schools that he had visited in the Northeast, and modeled it out to be a liberal arts school in the desert. Looking back today, she can see how truly unique her education experience was. Her favorite memory involved a schoolwide water fight on a warm Friday afternoon in the spring of ‘87. It began with one person throwing a water balloon and the rest took off from there. Her dad and a couple other administrators caught her dumping a bucket of water on another student and did not seem to be pleased. She can even recall someone’s Gucci watch getting wet. After graduation, Mrs. Dunnigan attended the University of Arizona. Her time at Gregory made college seem like a breeze. She then decided to take a year off between undergraduate and graduate school, and accompanied her father to North Carolina, where he got a position at an all boys boarding school. She only intended to stay a couple of months, but she met the newly hired Spanish teacher, which completely derailed her plans. They ended up falling in love and getting engaged. With the turn of events, she went on to receive a master’s in social work at the University of South Carolina. Laura and her husband lived and worked at a boarding school in North Carolina for about ten years, during which she worked for Child Protective Services. They then moved up to Virginia for a job. Shortly thereafter, their daughter, who was five at the time, had a spinal cord injury. Her condition required a lot of assistance, so Laura took some time off of social work to be available for her. She is now working with adolescents and young adults, helping them develop the skills necessary to achieve whatever goal they set for themselves. She calls herself an “academic life coach.” Dunnigan is a true Gregorian in her legacy of education and service!

Jenny (Ray) McCloskey

Philip Rosenberg

Class of 1990
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Class of 1991

Casey Looby

Class of 1992

Drew Davis

Class of 1993
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Class of 1994
Are you interested in representing the class of 1994? Please contact Alicia Saposnik at
Class of 1995

Abby Boxer

Scott Witthoft

Scott Witthoft followed a school and work route from St. Louis to Austin, and then onto San Francisco. He started out practicing in structural engineering and took sharp turn into product design, both doing it and teaching it. Recently he left the Bay Area and moved back to Texas to teach product design there. He is keen to keep traveling in the US and beyond whenever possible, with an eye on the opportunity to live internationally at some point. With family still living in Arizona, Scott visits Tucson often and has really enjoyed finding “The Loop” bike path that leads all over town, including that scenic stretch just behind the Gregory School campus.

Class of 1996

Rachna (Trivedi) Shroff

Class of 1997

Logan McKenzie
(Logan McKenzie's alumni bio was written by Haley Evic '21 as part of her senior internship to interview and write about our alumni.)
Logan Mckenzie looks back fondly at his time at St. Gregory. He has a number of fun stories, but one that especially stood out was painting the senior lockers in a bovine style. The seniors left the school with a parting gift of an abstract cow. Following graduation, Logan attended the University of Arizona and majored in finance. He graduated college in only three years, much of the credit for which he attributes to St. Gregory. Mckenzie got his start in the workforce at Morgan Stanley in Green Valley. He went on to obtain his MBA at Arizona State University and secured a position at Piper Jaffray, a leading investment bank. Arizona has remained his home throughout his life, and his career has stayed in public finance, specifically the production and sale of municipal bonds in Arizona. We are happy our school was a part of his journey to success.

Class of 1998

Heather Kitay

Eric Rice

Class of 1999
Are you interested in representing the class of 1999? Please contact Alicia Saposnik at
Class of 2000

Chris Ancharski

Daniel Mills

Erin (Landsburg) Patrick

After graduating from St. Gregory, Erin attended Samford University in Brimingham, Alabama where she was a Divison 1 pitcher for the Samford Bulldogs softball team. She graduated in 2005 with a degree in Interior Design. She then went to the University of North Carolina Charlotte where she received her Masters Degree in Architecture. Erin currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband, Ian Patrtick and their 2 children, Uriah (10) and Stevie Jean(2). Erin and Ian own their own Architecture firm, Biloba Architecture, which was founded in 2015. Erin and her family spend their weekends sailing on their sailboat, Whiskers, and head to the coast wherever possible.

Class of 2001

Gerri Pozez

Morgan York-Stephens

Class of 2002
Are you interested in representing the class of 2002? Please contact Alicia Saposnik at
Class of 2003

Allison Dunn

Matt Rosen
Matt attended and played men’s college golf both at Scottsdale Community College and Tennessee State University, and graduated with a BS in Political Science and Economics in 2007. After a five year playing career as an international professional golfer, Matt was hired as the first Associate Financial Advisor by Burk, Hall & Co. in Tucson. Within three years Matt’s progress allowed him to become a junior partner in the company, and in the fall of 2017 became the Managing Director and Registered Principal of the practice. In his role, Matt manages over $200,000,000 of client assets for selected families, and overseas daily compliance related to securities and financial services. In total the practice manages over $800,000,000 for clients. Matt married his wife Taya in March 2013, and in 2016 welcomed their son Thayer into the world.

Class of 2004

Reuben Asia
(Reuben Asia's alumni bio was written by Haley Evic '21 as part of her senior internship to interview and write about our alumni.)
Reuben Asia can still remember the excitement of St. Gregory Day in his freshman year. The day was filled with rides and carnival activities. Part of all the fun was the anticipation of when it would arrive and what the surprises were going to be. Following graduation, Asia went off to college at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Afterwards, he spent two years in Washington, D.C. working for the Navy. He then went back to Philadelphia and attended law school at Temple University. Reuben is currently a real estate attorney for a law firm in Philadelphia. His main focus is buying and selling real estate, leasing real estate, and financing real estate transactions. He resides in downtown Philadelphia with his wife and daughter. With everything on his plate, he still manages to keep in touch with several of his classmates from St. Gregory and considers them to be some of his best friends. With such an eclectic and impressive background, The Gregory School is honored to have a representative like Mr. Asia out there in the world!

Class of 2005

Matt Milner

Class of 2006

Alex Manthei

Alex is a designer who currently lives in London with his wife, Fran, daughter, Mae, and their cat, Chip. After attending Occidental College in Los Angeles, he completed a Masters in Literary Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He then spent two years living and writing in Paris before receiving another Masters in Contemporary Typographic Media at the London College of Communication. He's worked at Lyst, the global fashion search engine, Trainline, Europe's leading train and coach app, and Deliveroo, the definitive online food company. Outside of work, Alex takes photos, writes poetry, and enjoys travelling.

Class of 2007

Tim Milner
Tim attended the University of Arizona where he completed Bachelor's degrees in English and Music and a Master's in Education. He started his teaching career at Flowing Wells High School before returning to The Gregory School, relishing the opportunity to teach alongside his former teachers. He currently teaches senior English, AP English Literature, and Journalism and coaches middle and upper school soccer. Outside of work, Tim is an avid musician who plays frequently around town and has many recordings to his name.

Tyler McCusker

Class of 2008

Julia Cavanaugh

Upon graduating high school, Julia attended the University of Arizona’s Honor‘s College; graduating with a degree in International Studies with a focus on development and applied political economy in East Asia, with a minor in Chinese. She left this behind, however, when she chose to follow her artistic side and move to LA to pursue acting, writing, and producing. She has since worked with Paul Thomas Anderson, worked on Netflix series overseas, been a lead in a B movie, and is pitching a television series she created about one young woman’s journey through the Irish Famine of 1845. Julia lives in Encino California with her fiancé Alex, and their 3 giant dogs. When she’s not acting, she works as a birth and postpartum doula, helping women have supported, empowered birth experiences; and helping families integrate the birth of new children into their family system confidently.

David Cornell

Andrea Kippur

Class of 2009

Arteen Arabshahi

Class of 2010
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Class of 2011

Beverly Bass

Sam Silverman

Madeline Sligh

Class of 2012

Athena Roesler

Class of 2013

Ivan Escobosa de Saracho

Derek Jobst

Olivia Larsen

Class of 2014

Grant Ross

Hannah Sawyer

Class of 2015
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Class of 2016
Are you interested in representing the class of 2016? Please contact Alicia Saposnik at
Class of 2017

Elaine Wright

Class of 2018

Caroline Zlaket

Class of 2019

Allen El

Allen attends the University of Arizona as a junior. He studies computer science as his major and history and music as his minors. Allen works towards his honors thesis with the computer assembly/data structures professor by improving class assignments. He sells cars and assists the clients with finance paperwork, and manages the internet side of Car World through advertising, pictures, reviews, and online customer communication. Allen currently seeks a local job/internship related to computer science. He is considering attending law school post-graduation.

Class of 2020

Anisha Jaggi

Anisha Jaggi is currently attending Pitzer College, a member of The Claremont Colleges, a consortium of five undergraduate liberal arts institutions. She is pursuing a Human Biology major with a possible double in Psychology, along with playing with the idea of a Film minor out of personal interest. During the pandemic, her freshman year was 100% closed campus; the year was spent adjusting to college workload and social dynamics on an all-online format. Over summer 2021, she shadowed at TMC in order to further explore her interest in medicine and get some experience.

Class of 2021

Eron Maltzman
Eron is attending Fordham University, where he plans to major in finance with a concentration in management and fintech.

Sean Morfín
Sean is attending and playing Div. 1 soccer for St. Bonaventure University, where he is majoring in psychology.

Class of 2022

Emilia Emami

Ted Roberts

Class of 2023

Emma Ruben

Gavi Shlomovich