Dining Hall Menu

Daily, Weekly and Monthly menus with specific ingredient and nutritional information. The menu items can be filtered using SAGE allergen filter.

Service Inquiries

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our SAGE Dining Services food director, Ian Churchill.

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The Gregory School is pleased to partner with SAGE Dining Services.

SAGE, founded in 1990, is the leading food service provider for independent schools and colleges throughout North America. SAGE focuses on safety, quality service, community, nutrition, education, sustainability, and delicious food made from scratch using seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients. An on-site Chef will get to know our school community and tailor the menu according to our preferences.

We will enjoy improved variety and quality of food, along with enhanced presentation and improved service. SAGE will offer fresh-made menu items, including a salad and deli bar; a healthy main dish with a variety of starches and fresh vegetables as sides; creative, food truck-style fare; authentic Latin and Asian dishes; expanded vegetarian options; and even display cooking and themed build-your-own stations.

In order to keep all students safe in the dining hall, SAGE provides expertise on allergy accommodations and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. With one out of every 11 SAGE students managing a food allergy, SAGE takes great care to ensure that all SAGE Team Members are extensively trained in food allergy awareness, that the menus provide enough variety so there is something for everyone, and that community members are well-informed through complete ingredient lists and serving line signs. SAGE’s comprehensive allergen filter, which can be accessed through the online menu and the free Touch of SAGE mobile app, makes planning meals easy.

SAGE also extends education into the dining hall by guiding community members towards healthy food options. We can make informed decisions about what to eat using SAGE’s Spotlight Program®, a color-coded system that shows the nutritional value of each item offered. In addition, we will learn about historical, cultural, and culinary topics related to food each month through their Educational Seasonings program. Through informational guides, creative displays, taste-testing, and hands-on preparation, SAGE will present a variety of topics next academic year, including: Moroccan Cuisine, Thanksgiving in the Early 1900s, All About Gluten, and Waste Not, Want Not.

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