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Students Share Passions through Friday Explorations

Friday Explorations offer an ideal opportunity for students to share their passions. They provide authentic learning experiences both for the presenters and for the presenters' peers.

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During an "All About Me" slideshow presented as part of her Middle School Skills class, sixth grade student Robin Oxnam expressed her passion for her sugar gliders (which are small marsupials). Robin is an expert on animals, so sixth grade English teacher Mrs. Allycyn Jacobs asked her if she would be interested in sharing her extensive knowledge about her exotic pets with her peers.

Robin created a presentation, and during a recent Friday Exploration she taught some lucky sixth graders all about sugar gliders. She even brought her pets to class to be loved and admired by all. When the sugar gliders needed a break from handling, Robin taught the students how to draw pictures of them.

Robin’s comprehensive presentation covered information about her sugar gliders, including their names, personalities, and histories and also general facts such as diet, habitat, social structure, and care in captivity. Robin’s peers learned interesting information, and they loved meeting the sugar gliders, and Robin got to hone her communication and presentation skills in an authentic experience!


Allycyn Jacobs
Allycyn Jacobs received her M.A. from Washington State University and her B.S. from Northern Arizona University. She joined The Gregory School faculty in 2015.

I jumped at the opportunity to teach English at The Gregory School. The small classes allow me the time to get to know my students individually and build on their strengths as readers and writers. I love that The Gregory School allows students to share their passions with one another and develop new interests.

- Allycyn Jacobs

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