Tuition and Financial Assistance

The Gregory School believes economic diversity enriches the educational opportunity for all families and participation of a wide range of families is critical to the health of the school. Since its opening in 1980, the founders “envisioned not only a school that would stand in the tradition of the finest independent schools in the country, but more specifically and significantly, one that would be committed to educating all of Tucson's talented and aspiring youth”.

A commitment to inclusion is an essential element of The Gregory School’s educational philosophy and school culture. Because the school is determined to make a The Gregory School education accessible to families from a wide variety of economic backgrounds, we offer tuition assistance based on a family's financial need. 

Tuition 2019-20*
5 10,250
6 14,250
7 & 8 17,250
9 - 12 18,400

The application for financial assistance is separate from the application for admission, but the two application cycles do overlap. Families should seek to complete both applications simultaneously. February 28 is the deadline for admission and financial aid applications.

Returning Families: Financial Assistance is not automatically renewed each year. To renew financial assistance families need to follow the same steps that they followed the previous year.

Application Timeline: The deadline for financial assistance application materials and required documents is Wednesday, February 28, 2019.

How to Apply

Our partner in the financial aid process is NAIS SSS (National Association of Independent Schools, School and Student Services.) Please complete the following steps;

  1. Complete your parent Financial Statement (PFS) on the SSS website.

  2. Upload all required documents into your SSS account. If you are unable to upload these documents you may bring physical copies to The Gregory School Office.

  3. Pay required application fee to complete and submit your application.

Financial Assistance applications are considered complete when both steps are completed and submitted. Only completed applications will be considered and reviewed.

The Report of Family Contribution (RFC), which is computed by SSS, is evaluated by The Gregory School and used as a guideline in determining the baseline for financial assistance and tuition. The RFC report does not bind The Gregory School to any specific level of financial assistance and tuition. We use the SSS figures as the baseline for our tuition determinations and also take into consideration our school's policies and the resources available.

Financial aid awards will be determined and will be communicated alongside enrollment decisions in March 2019.

One of our partners, Arizona Tuition Connection, offers Individual Tax Credit Scholarships. Visit their website to learn more about their simple streamlined online application and tools designed to assist your family. There are no application deadlines.

There are three types of Tax Credit Scholarships. Each is funded by donations to Arizona Tuition Connection through the Arizona Private School Tax Credit.  

1) The Original Tax Credit Scholarship –  There are some general guidelines by the state for these scholarships, but basically most children in private school can receive this scholarship award.
2) The Overflow/PLUS (Switcher) Tax Credit Scholarship –  The State of Arizona has set some very specific award guidelines to receive this type of scholarship.

    • Enrolling in or currently enrolled in a private school at Kindergarten,   OR
    • Attended an Arizona Public School, full time, for at least 90 days of the prior fiscal year and then transferred to a private school, OR
    • Received a switcher scholarship in a prior school year and remained in private school in subsequent years,  OR
    • Received a low-income corporate scholarship or disabled/displaced scholarship in a prior year and continued to attend private school in subsequent years.

3) The Corporate Low-income Tax Credit Scholarship – There is an income cap, in addition to other requirements, to receive this scholarship. Please contact The Gregory School Financial Aid Office to inquire about eligibility.

Please contact Mary Laughbaum with any questions or concerns.




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